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You can use decorative feathers as the finishing touch on a sophisticated cake or to make fun sock puppets with your kids. Either way, stocking up on a supply of colourful feathers keeps you ready for any sort of project.

Choose a bag filled with one colour and size or mix things up with a bag of various styles. The next time the creativity bug bites, be ready with a collection of decorative feathers.

About Decorative Feathers

Whatever your view is on using feathers as decorative pieces, there is no denying that scattering a few decorative feathers to a table as wedding fancies, or just letting them soak up the limelight in an elegant vase; creating a unique decoration using bold feathers can be both a dramatic and beautiful centrepiece to look at. Feathers have been used for decoration for centuries because of the huge array of different types, colours and sizes ? making them the perfect embellishment for hats, fascinators, applique, trimming, blanket edging, gift boxes, and many other haberdashery projects you could possibly dream up. Aside from use as pure decoration, some decorative feathers are often used for fly-fishing, such as partridge or peacock wing feathers, and you can find a great selection of these on eBay. From 100 percent natural peacock feathers, multi-coloured turkey feathers, ostrich, and even rooster feathers ? you can be sure to attract more than just fish (just don't forget to bait your hook).