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About Dell D630

First released in 2007, the Dell d630 is a laptop that boasts decent battery life, robust construction, and good performance on a variety of everyday computing tasks ? depending on the model's exact internal specifications. It?s not a bad looking laptop either, although it is a little heavier than some might like for a truly portable computer, it can still fit comfortably in a briefcase. Whether you?re looking for a cheap second-hand laptop, or scouring the internet for spare parts or components to upgrade your existing Dell d630 laptop; you can find what you need on eBay. Dell has a solid reputation for building laptops that cater for anyone, from the professional, business user, to the student user, and although the Dell d630 has been around for a while, with its Intel Core Duo processor and 2GB RAM, it is still capable of handling most things you might want to throw at it.