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Denby has been making pottery for over two centuries, and in that time Denby ware has found its way into millions of homes. All Denby ware is made in the UK from locally sourced clay, so it is proudly all English from the material to the craftsmanship.

Fine china looks beautiful on display, but good stoneware looks better on the table. However, what matters most is the food on the plates. Enjoy a hearty meal with Denby.

About Denby - Pottery, Porcelain & Glass

Denby Pottery was originally founded in 1809 to manufacture stoneware '“ principally salt-glazed bottles. The product line expanded into foot-warmers and other types of hot water bottle which were used for travellers in motorcars, but by the 1920s, Denby had adopted its trademark 'cottage blue' colour and had started to make all manner of kitchenware, with a very wide range. Novelty ornamental items became popular in the 1930s, and Denby Pottery was able to show off its ability to move with the times by producing a lovely range of characters and animals, including a dog named 'Byngo' and a rabbit with enormous ears, named 'Marmaduke'. From the 1950s, Denby Pottery moved into hand-painted tableware, and this proved very popular for many years. Greenwheat was a range which was designed by the artist Albert Colledge, and each piece was stamped with his signature. Further items were created by freelance and in-house designers, including vases with unusual decorative techniques, such as the Tigo range, which involved the use of imported white clay, and a scratching method which was called sgraffito. The company heralded the oven-to-tableware concept which became very popular during the 1970s due to its convenience. By the 1970s, Denby was creating hand-blown glassware that was designed to complement the ever-popular tableware, and this has remained a very strong line of production for the company. Since its bicentenary in 2009, Denby Pottery has acquired three potteries across the country with a similar heritage to itself, and continues to bring out new lines, great designs and very usable and adaptable kitchenware, tableware and glassware. It also now produces cutlery.