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Desigual first appeared at New York Fashion Week in 2013. Their striking pieces give the wearer a contemporary, bright look with a splash of retro style.

Messenger-style handbags accentuate the colours of garments, as well as providing more than ample space for your personal belongings. Coats offer bold patterns as well as warmth, particularly with wraparound styles, while a Cirque du Soleil inspired dress delivers cool in more ways than one. Revamp your wardrobe with the bold looks of Desigual.

About Desigual

Desigual, a Spanish clothing brand, was founded in Ibiza in 1984 by Switzerland-born Thomas Meyer. The brand has become synonymous with its patchwork designs, zany prints, eccentric paint splashes as well as graffiti spray paint art, which can be found throughout their range of clothing and accessories. Desigual offers clothes and accessories for women, men and children, as well as ladies' shoes. Behind the scenes, 25 designers design and create over 1,000 items each season, build around a concept, which have included: Me & You, Better & Better, Wow, Life is Cool, Luxury Feelings, Magic Stories & Real Life. The team stick to the concept rigidly whilst allowing their creativity to form extraordinary and distinct pieces. Acclaimed French designer Christian Lacroix commissioned a collection for Desigual in 2011, which earned them serious fashion credentials. In the same year, the Spanish brand went into partnership with world renowned circus act, Cirque Du Soleil. Together they designed and created 60 popular pieces including clothing and accessories. If you are looking for something a little different, then perhaps Desigual is for you. Find double breasted formal coats with a bubble print tweak, nestled within creatively patterned cross body bags and intricate dresses. The clothing company also have a prevalent line of plus-sized clothing, known as Desigual XL. Or if you're a man in need of a splash of inspired colour, then look no further than a Desigual shirt, emblazoned with a quirky graphic, or simply a paint-splashed t-shirt? Guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd as a fashion-forward soul.