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From a 240V model you plug into the mains to an 18V that runs on a battery, a DeWalt drill is designed to keep working. It is not just the power of a DeWalt drill, it is also the portability and flexibility that makes it such a useful tool.

Put a hammer drill to work on masonry or a portable model on wood. Keep your battery charged and you are ready for anything.

About Dewalt Drills

There is no reason to struggle with your old drill, when you can get a new Dewalt drill. Whether you want a light-duty cordless drill or a heavy-duty corded one, Dewalt has the drill for you. Dewalt cordless drills and drill drivers come with powerful lithium-ion batteries ranging from 10.8 to 18 volts. They last longer and provide more power than competing Nickel Cadmium batteries. Corded drills are often more powerful but leave you tethered to the mains. Many people have both, choosing a cordless drill for light jobs on site and a more powerful one for the workshop. You can opt for a right angle drill to work at an angle other drills cannot accommodate. Another consideration is speed, as the speed on various models varies from 600 to 4000 rpm. Every rotary drill uses the same bits, and you can get everything you need from the drill to bits, and batteries on eBay. When your drill slows down, step up to the durability of Dewalt.