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About Dial Gauge

If you have to take precision measurements in the engineering or automotive fields, a dial gauge is what you need. A dial gauge, or a dial indicator, enables you to take extremely fine measurements. When shopping on eBay, you can easily find models that offer increments of 0.01 mm, with certain models offering 0.001 mm increments. These instruments rely on Vernier jaws, hinged levers, or plungers to transfer measurement inputs from the source to the dial. Since they vary in functionality, you should know which to choose.

While most conventional dial gauges still use analogue needles, certain modern dial gauges make use of digital LCDs. Some models include magnetic bases that offer fine adjustments, on-and-off switches for easy positioning, and others include fine adjustment cross arms. If you wish to save some money, you can consider looking for a used dial gauge that is in good condition. Do not compromise on quality, though, because when you have to take precision measurements, there is no room for error.