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When you schedule yourself down to the second, a digital timer can be a godsend. It lets you break down time into any increments you need, whether it be five minutes to steep a cup of tea or 25 minutes for exercise. Whether someone is tracking a countdown or to elapsed time, they are probably using a digital timer.

Knowledge is the key to controlling anything, including time. Take control of every minute in your day.

About Digital Timers

Did you put a cake in the oven, and then forgot about it while doing other chores and burnt it? With a digital timer, this would not have happened. If you are not very good at timekeeping, you need some tools to help. Look for a precise digital model so you can easily fine-tune it in terms of seconds, minutes, and hours. This may come in handy if you are preparing a truly time-sensitive recipe, like a soufflé, where a second determines the success of the dish. Once the time is up, the timer alerts you, bringing you back to the task from whatever else you were doing. Some digital timers that you can spot on eBay even have memory for timing repetitive events. You could time your workout since you can set the time for holding a certain position, such as the plank, and the timer tells you when to stop. Inject some accuracy into your cooking and provide an extra push to your workouts with a digital timer.