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About Doug Hyde

Doug Hyde is a contemporary British artist and sculptor. He was born in 1972 in Bristol, in the South West of England, the city in which he also grew up. Hyde first became interested in art as a young boy. The artist states that the art department at his school was a major influence on his early artistic development. Teachers encouraged students to enjoy art as a hobby, rather than a means to make money. As a consequence, Hyde's first artistic endeavours were painted for his own enjoyment rather than commercial success. Within two years of discovering an interest in art, Hyde had produced a number of personal pieces that were hung up around the family home. He did not sell a piece until being persuaded to do so by a friend. This initial sale led to acquaintances of the friend also purchasing works created by Hyde. Within a few years, Doug Hyde began selling original works and completing commissions across the country before going international. He is now regarded by some as one of the most successful British artists currently working. Doug Hyde uses pastels to create most of his pieces. the artist is known for painting on large scale and his creations are characterised by bright, contrasting colours and stylistic images of people and animals. Hyde using his fingers to apply paint to the canvas. His sculptures are often 3D representations of his painted works.