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About Drawer Runners

Drawer runners are much like drawer slides in the sense that they incorporate the use of ball bearings to open and close a drawer. They differ, however, because they are better suited to lighter loads. This makes them perfect for household use, particularly in the kitchen for cutlery and snacks, or the bedroom for clothes and accessories. Drawer runners are also perfect for an office environment as they are still strong enough to support day-to-day office supplies. If you?re buying for a big office, they don?t cost much and aren?t overly complicated to install, which means that replacing them if old or broken is no major problem. Drawer runners are the better choice for those who often need to remove drawers from their frame ? particularly if you keep losing items down the back of a chest or dressing table. Because runners are so smooth, the drawer can be slid right out of its structure and items can be retrieved. This is also a handy feature should you need to fix part of the drawer frame or the runner itself ? easy removal serves for an easier job. There are various types of runner available, ranging in the materials used and the function they provide. A buyer may prefer to use 'soft close' runners in the kitchen to avoid any injuries around young children, or those wishing to avoid slamming drawers might like the idea of self-closing runners. The installation of drawer runners is relatively easy, depending on the installer's D.I.Y experience. You should always ensure that both runners (you?ll need two per drawer) are of equal distance from the top and bottom of the frame.