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About Dremel Bits

Dremel bits are available for a huge range of applications, from cutting and drilling to sanding, polishing, and engraving. They fit onto Dremel rotary tools and make a great addition to your tool box. You can purchase individual Dremel bits or complete sets from numerous reliable eBay sellers in new or used condition. Use blue rubber points for polishing up ferrous metals, stone, and ceramics to remove tool marks and imperfections and to clean and define grooves. Use tungsten carbide cutters for shaping and polishing hard metals, such as steel, as well as fired ceramics, hard wood, and plastics. Opt for aluminium oxide grinding stones for sharpening, removing rust, and deburring on most metals and hard materials. Dremel Flapwheel bits are ideal for sanding wood, plastic, rubber, and metal. Whichever project you are working on, Dremel provides bits to help you get an easy professional finish. Improve your craft and DIY project finishes with any of Dremel's extensive range of rotary tool bits.