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Give yourself a place to sit and do your hair and makeup with a dressing table. White laminate options with carved legs and an oval mirror lend a classic look to your decor, but consider unfinished or distressed options for a rustic look.

Choose one with an adjustable mirror for increased functionality, and customise an unfinished wood dresser with a dark stain for vintage appeal. A chic dressing table completes your sanctum with the addition of storage, a usable, and increased functionality.

About Dressing Tables

Dressing tables are popular items of bedroom furniture. They often come with at least one or two drawers, and an alcove space under the surface, either at one side or in the centre, for a seated person's legs. They are usually used for keeping small cosmetic items in one place, and a person using a dressing table will normally sit at it in order to apply make up. A dressing table may either come with a built-in mirror, or without; in the latter case, a separate mirror may be stood on the surface. There are many different sizes of dressing and vanity table available, so it may be a better use of the surface in some cases to obtain a mirror which can be hung on the wall above the table. Dressing table designs have been around for several centuries, mostly used by well-off ladies in earlier times. Many modern designs, especially of free-standing tables, may hark back to antique shapes and French-style vanity tables that have a lot of curves, and may have claw and ball, or slipper feet, with carved decorative legs. Particularly elegant antique designs can be found in Queen Anne and Georgian styles. Dressing tables are not always free-standing. They also come as a part of built-in or modulated bedroom furniture. Large furniture manufacturers often have a variety of dressing tables for people to choose from, both free-standing and built-in styles, which may correlate with the style of a particular range of bedroom furniture sold by the manufacturer.