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About DSLR Rigs

A DSLR rig is a piece of equipment used to help support a camera whilst shooting. DSLR stands for digital single lens reflex camera and is used for both single shot and moving picture (video) recordings. The DSLR rig is essentially designed to improve the stability, manoeuvrability and access the camera has to record the perfect shot. There is an endless array of DSLR rigs available, largely based on the many environments a camera needs to work in and the effect you are looking to achieve. Many of the rigs are designed to be held or mounted on to a person, leaving the camera very stable but allowing for freedom of movement and ease of use. It is essential that the DSLR rig is lightweight and durable. Often the user will be shooting all day in challenging conditions so the rig needs to feel like part of you rather than an uncomfortable load to haul from shot to shot. There should be shoulder mounts for added comfort and stability and most rigs should be able to be altered to suit the user's need. Many professionals or experienced photographers and cameramen will create their own DSLR rig specific to their their needs. Some rigs come as a starter pack with options to build to your requirements and alter as the environment and situation changes and others as ready made products. If you need a rig that will be used for multiple applications and different kinds of shots or filming it would be more useful to choose a rig that has the ability to be altered or reconfigured.