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About Dyson DC25

No matter the type of floor you have or the amount of dirt, dust, and grime that accumulated since your last cleaning, the innovative engineering and technologies of the Dyson DC25 allow for high-powered cleaning on a range of surfaces. Additionally, as you twist and curve into tight and awkward spaces, the DC25 uses its patented and highly renowned Dyson Ball to help you get around furniture and other obstacles without losing any suction power. As this vacuum cleaner relies on its central ball to steer, you can instantly change directions with a simply flick of the wrist. Furthermore, the Dyson DC25 also features its Root Cyclone technology that actually spins air so fast that its centrifugal force of 268,000 times the force of gravity keeps dirt from accumulating and causing clogs. With Dyson DC25, you can effectively turn vacuuming into a fun and enjoyable experience. Head on over to eBay to find your next Dyson DC25 today.