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About Dyson DC35 Vacuum Cleaners

For all types of flooring, the Dyson DC35 cordless vacuum cleaner includes a motorised floor tool as well as the option to use as a handheld vacuum. Use the wand attachment for large or hard-to-reach spaces, or use without the wand by attaching components directly to the handheld base, such as when vacuuming stairs or tight spaces. Equipped with Dyson Root Cyclone Technology, a digital motor, and a Li-ion battery, the vacuum is a reliable choice to help keep your space neat and tidy, no matter how large or small. Packed with user-friendly design features, this little Dyson allows you to dust corners and vacuum the living room carpet with the carbon fibre brushes on the motorised floor tool. Another significant Dyson feature is the dual-power mode option, which allows you to choose from high or maximum power. By purchasing the Dyson DC35, discover how you can make the task of cleaning up simpler and less time consuming.