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About Dyson Handheld

Dyson is a British company best known for their powerful and innovative vacuum cleaners that are incredibly user-friendly. Their range of Dyson handhelds are wireless and particularly light to use. Power is the main driving force behind Dyson, and these handhelds will not let you down in that department, proving in tests to pack more of a punch than some other handhelds on the market. They are easy to empty and clean, with a hygenic waste disposal (bin emptying), and most come with a motorised brush that is particularly good for cleaning carpets. The Dyson handhelds are also much lighter than standard vacuum cleaners, and because they are chargeable, you won't have to worry about pesky cables getting in the way, or having to plug the vacuum into a power point. Bagless cyclone technology is a trademark of Dyson and you'll find that continued in the handhelds. If you want a vacuum cleaner that is fuss-free, light and easy to use, look no further than the Dyson handheld. As with all Dysons, you'll find the handhelds come with many add-ons and extra features for cleaning in various hard to reach places. Of course, they will require charging, and all handhelds have a Dyson digital motor which is up to three times faster than other models on the market. Just some of the Dyson handhelds on offer include the Dyson Handheld Animal, Dyson Handheld DC34, the Dyson Handheld DC35, Dyson DC56 Hard Floor Handheld Vacuum Cleaner, and the Dyson Handheld DC44.