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Subtle elegance is one way to describe an ear cuff. A style that is ideal for men and women of all ages. Designs include a simple jewellery piece at the top of the ear and one that dangles and connects to a lower earring.

Another type is the wrap around, which goes up over the ear and connects at the top, middle and bottom of the lobe. Let your own personality shine with an uniquely made ear cuff.

About Ear Cuffs

An ear cuff is a piece of jewellery designed to be worn on the cartilage part of the ear. It can be worn without the need to pierce the ear. The cuff is cylindrical in shape with a small opening. It is clipped onto the cartilage where it is designed to fit snugly in place. The cuff is made to be able to fit with various attachments if desired.

Ear cuffs can be made from a variety of different metals including gold, silver and bronze. They are often made from copper or alloy instead and then coloured or plated in various colours. Due to their size and shape, they rarely weigh more than a gram.

Designs can vary massively based on the intended target audience. More intricate gothic designs can be found as well as criss cross and simpler spiral or leaf designs. Though much rarer, there are also much larger intricate designs that imitate dragons and other animals. These are clipped onto the ear while the remainder of the design wraps around the rest of the ear.

There are also stud and chain attachments to ear cuffs that are often worn. The ear cuff is worn like normal, while a chain suspends and attaches to a stud that is worn on the ear lobe. The number of chains can vary widely, from as little as one chain, up to as many as five or six for a more elaborate design. Common designs include two chains, where one is slightly shorter than the other, creating a visible gap. The stud and chain attachments usually require a pierced ear in order to be worn.

An array of charms are often attached to these designs, either at the top end from the cuff or at the bottom from the stud. A rarer style is the dangling charm. These are attached to the chain itself and then designed to hang. There is usually more than one charm attached in this instance. Due to weight, when ear cuffs attachments are designed this way, the cuff itself may be bigger to help sustain the added weight.

Popular designs for charms include anchors, crucifixes, feathers, hearts, horseshoes, peace symbols, skulls, stars and a variety of animals, birds and insects such as turtles, owls and butterflies. In the case of feathers, the charm may hang a little lower than the stud itself due to it being so light. The wide varieties of charms mean that ear cuffs with stud and chain attachments are popular among a range of different individuals. Sometimes the piece of jewellery will come with several interchangeable charms, meaning that the user can choose their style accordingly.

The chain and stud attachments can be bought separate and then fixed to the cuff, however normally the cuff, chain, stud and charm come as one. If bought separately, care must be taken to ensure that the stud and chain attachment is compatible with the user?s existing cuff, as some cuffs may not be designed for the use with attachments.