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The fashion tastes of King Edward VII certainly influenced popular style during his reign at the beginning of the 20th century and even today. Browse for beautiful Edwardian jewellery from, or styled after, this distinctive era set between the Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods.

Look for Edward’s favourite colours, mauve and leek-green, in amethysts and emeralds, as well as diamonds and garnets often set in platinum. Bring a little Edwardian style into your life.

About Edwardian

Edwardian jewellery can turn even the most modern person into a fan of its designs. Search on eBay to find a slew of these delightful items. Jewellery from this era, just like Queen Victoria's, feature dramatic and exquisite designs, such as a heart necklace with intricate filigree and floral adornments. Antique Edwardian rings, ranging from carved rings with old-cut diamond insets to rings with gypsy carvings, are sure to add an old-world feel to your look. New or antique Edwardian pendants with designs ranging from a filigree heart to a leaf design, and with inset stones ranging from sapphire to citrine, add elegance and drama to a necklace. When looking for jewellery from the Edwardian era or with the Edwardian design inspiration, buy from Top-rated Sellers that also offer free postage and packaging.