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An alternative to cartons, an egg holder can make a whimsical or fun décor statement. Considering that the perfect boiled egg requires ones at room temperature, these pieces also add functionality.

They are available in range of styles and form factors. For instance, a chicken-shaped version embodies ironic humour and creates a farmhouse feel, while a wire chicken basket with handle embraces shabby chic. Explore the multitude of options to safely store your eggs outside the fridge.

About Egg Holders

Eggs are an essential staple of any healthy diet. High in protein and low in unsaturated fats, they're perfect for filling up in the morning or partnered with a juicy gammon steak. They're also very cheap, easily available and versatile.

The only downside to eggs is that they're very delicate resulting in them being difficult to store. Eggs don't lie flat and so they can't simply be put on the kitchen side or on a shelf in the fridge, as they are likely to roll around and break. Because of this, an egg holder typically represents a wise investment as it will keep the eggs safe and prevent any from rolling off the kitchen side and hitting the floor. Needless to say, no one wants to have to clean up a smashed raw egg!

Fortunately for the aesthetically conscious cook, egg holders are now available in a range of different styles and colours to suit any kitchen. There are models that mimic the cartons that the supermarkets sell eggs in (perfect for minimalist kitchens), more stylish but still fairly simple models such as a 'mug tree' style plus cutesy versions made in the shape of a chicken coop complete with wire fencing on the door. Obviously, all of the holders provide the same practical purpose, so the choice is purely an aesthetic one.

The other major thing to consider is that sizes of the holders will vary, so the model chosen will have to depend mainly on how many eggs the customer and their family gets through. There's very little point buying the full 'coop' model for a family that only eats two eggs a week.