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It can be a challenge to cook the perfect egg and many people find an egg timer to be helpful. The traditional design is a small hourglass, but over the years, the gadget has evolved to incorporate modern technology.

You can find digital models that are easy to read, or you can choose novelty timers that look like colourful cupcakes, rabbits and other animals or even vegetables. A clock can be used for any kind of timed event, but for quick and easy access, use an egg timer. You can find one that matches your kitchen or home décor.

About Egg Timers

Avoid overcooking your meals using a simple, yet effective, egg timer. With a single twist, you can set your egg timer to time meals for up to 60 minutes. This is ideal for those shorter dishes that require boiling, such as hard-boiled eggs or pasta. Add a touch of fun to your kitchen with a novelty egg timer shaped like your favourite animal. Alternatively, you can opt for the authentic look with a country-chic wooden egg timer. For dishes that require more than 60 minutes of cooking time, take a step away from the traditional and try a digital egg timer. These timers are available both new and used on eBay. You can save money by shopping through Top-rated Sellers, who often offer their timers with free postage.