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Hold hair tightly and firmly in place with a selection of colourful elastic bands. These head and hair bands grip silky locks and tresses and keep them from shifting and slipping through long, busy days and nights out on the town.

Use little elastic bands, transparent or in a rainbow of colours, to create complex and detailed hairstyles that do not budge. Many brands also boast resistance to tangles and pulling, the easier to keep hair smooth, healthy and looking terrific.

About Elastic Bands

Elastic bands, also known as rubber bands, have a variety of uses, from tying up hair, keeping papers organized, holding items closed, and arts and crafts projects. Used since 1845 when Stephen Perry patented them, these stretchy bands are made of rubber and latex for elasticity. You can find bands of all sizes and strengths on eBay. If you are looking for bands to create fancy braids or make jewellery, you want to use thinner bands. Moreover, as expected, heavy-duty applications, such as securing an item to another and organizing papers or large objects, require thicker bands. With the variety available, you can find several to suit all sorts of needs. The various colours also lend themselves well to artistic endeavours, such as bracelets or artistic designs by wrapping different colours around a canvas, as well as practical uses like sorting items by colour. Buy elastics bands in bulk to have a quick fix on hand to a multitude of household problems.