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From a brilliant green to subtle shades of blue and yellow, an emerald ring complements a variety of outfits depending on the shade of the stone. Utilitarian and fanciful cuts further allow for matching to an appropriate outfit as desired.

A truly stunning ring does not need to complement an outfit though as the cut and band illuminate all around them regardless. Whether it is a timeless antique or influenced by modern trends, an emerald ring offers its wearer a distinct style.

About Emerald Rings

The most precious stone in the beryl group, the stunning green hue of the emerald is caused by the presence trace amounts of vanadium and chromium. Popularly set in rings, emeralds may be set in white and yellow gold, silver, platinum, or palladium. Very often setting fiery diamonds around the emerald enhances the brilliant green of the emerald ring. Emeralds necklaces, bracelets, and earrings are also popular. Created in beautiful designs, the emerald ring with one solid huge emerald or a smaller sized gemstone combined with diamonds is available on eBay. Shoppers buying from top-rated eBay sellers can be sure of getting only genuine emerald rings. Shoppers can keep their buying costs low if they opt to buy from sellers offering free delivery.