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About Epsom Salts

It may be time to change your daily bathing routine! Epsom salts have long had the reputation of offering health benefits, and science is starting to weigh in. It turns out that relaxing in a bath with Epsom salts allows the body to absorb magnesium and sulphates through the skin, which is the way that both are most easily absorbed. Magnesium, in particular, reduces muscle pain and helps in healing, which is why so many sports clubs purchase large quantities of Epsom salts from eBay for their spas. It also helps the body to bind serotonin, one of the body's built-in "anti-depressants." When the body does not have enough magnesium, serotonin levels drop and depression can set in. Some researchers are noting a connection between proper magnesium levels with proper insulin function in the body, which could make an Epsom salt bath a way to help control diabetes. Get a kilo or so of Epsom salts today and begin enjoying better health while you relax.