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About Espresso Cups

Also known as a "demitasse", an espresso cup is designed to be the perfect size to serve either a single or double shot espresso coffee. These cups are normally around half the size of a standard coffee cup, holding between 60 and 90 millilitres of coffee. It is their size that gives them the name "demitasse" , which, in French means "half cup". The demitasse was first created in the 1800s in France. The cup was commonly used for short coffees which were typically drunk after a meal. These espresso cups are commonly used in coffee houses and restaurants, but grew to be used in people's homes more and more as coffee culture increased. With the advent of home coffee machines, the popularity of espressos at home grew, along with the sales of espresso cups. Espresso cups, when first designed were plain white with a saucer and were uniform in shape and size. Since then the number of different espresso cup designs available has increased dramatically. While many are still made from porcelain or pottery, designers have been pushing the boundaries to fashion espresso cups from other materials, such as glass set within a metal frame. Some espresso cups are branded with the logo of a coffee supplier or coffee shop, both for commercial usage and for home espresso drinkers. Others are available in a range of block colours to match other crockery owned by a domestic household, while others may be decorated with a variety of patterns or pictures. More contemporary espresso cups are also available, featuring cartoons or slogans.