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About Ethernet Switches

Using an Ethernet switch helps to cut down the energy consumed by computers in an office setting. Although each connected computer is pulling energy, it is equally divided for less consumption overall. These switches can be used with both Windows and Macintosh operating systems. This setup connects multiple computers to a central server for smooth data transfers and fast processing of commands. Some options include an automatic power-down feature that saves more energy when a specific port is shown to not be in use. Units can be mounted on a desktop or against the wall to keep cords contained.

LED lights on the front panel are indicators that the connection is solid and properly working. Most are plug and play, requiring minimal steps for successful use. You can find an Ethernet switch on eBay with between five and eight ports. Use Ethernet switches for networking jobs to connect small businesses with fewer components taking up space, or even if you have a large home network and need to connect multiple devices.