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About Extending Glass Dining Tables

An extending glass dining table combines the space saving advantages of a small table with the increased seating capacity and room of a larger table. Glass dining tables are typically used in more contemporary and minimalist style rooms. The clean, polished finish lends itself to the modern over the traditional and it makes a very clear design statement. In most cases the frame and legs of an extending glass dining table are finished in brushed metal or chrome. This is the most popular look, although wooden frames and alternative materials are available should you prefer a different finish. The most common mechanism used for extending a glass dining table is to have the additional sections come through the centre of the table. In this configuration the additional sections sit horizontally underneath the table surface when not extended and will not compromise space or comfort for the diners. To extend, the two ends of the table are pulled apart and a cantilever mechanism raises the additional sections through the gap that is left. The two ends are then pushed back together for a tight fit and locked in place to avoid moving whilst in use. Some of the tables will come with a single additional section and others with multiple sections depending on the size of the table you need when fully extended. There are alternative methods available such as adding sections to the end of the table, but these are less common and arguably less efficient and user friendly.