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About Felt Boards

A felt board keeps your dream personal project in a place that you can see it every day. It also provides you with a handy location to tack a shopping list or leave interesting articles from magazines that promote your business. It makes an excellent noticeboard for the office or kitchen, so you can post announcements, memos, and timetables that keep your team or family on schedule. You can secure items to the felt surface using drawing pins or Velcro strips. Install one on the wall of a bedroom to create a collage of holiday photos, postcards, and artwork. The boards come in wooden frames for a traditional look or metal frames for a more utilitarian appearance suited to a work space. The felt comes in numerous colours, including blue, green, grey, and red, as well as several sizes. You can also find dual boards that are split into equal halves featuring felt and a magnetic white board. A felt board from eBay helps you to stay on track and be creative at home and work.