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About Fence Spikes

Discourage intruders of all types, whether they are flying animals that leave droppings or burglars that break into your shed. Fence spikes stop animals and humans from climbing over your fence and invading your home and garden. Cats may be adorable, but they can scratch at your garden soil, damage your plants, and leave behind unpleasant deposits. Anti-climb cat repellent spikes are available not only for fences, but also gates and window sills; and they are not harmful to cats. They typically have a double hinge design, so you can install them easily on surfaces and at angles. If birds and pigeons fancy perching on your fence and creating a mess, install anti-perching spikes that are not harmful to birds, but simply deter them effectively. Regardless of your requirements, you can find fence spikes on eBay listed by reliable sellers that offer products that help you to protect your home and outdoor space.