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About Flameless Candles

If you wish to have the relaxing and romantic ambience given by candles but don't want dangerous flames, look no further. Flameless candles are the perfect alternative to traditional candles. They light up a room gloriously, flicker and dance like you would expect. However, they have no live flame, produce no heat and do not emit any smoke. This makes them idle for those situations when safety is paramount ? such as when children or pets are close by. Because of their uncanny ability to produce a gorgeous look, flameless candles are firm favourites for people organising weddings, christenings, birthday parties and other memorable events. As well as their stylish look, longevity is a key factor. Because these candles are battery operated, users do not need to worry about them burning out. Once switched on, the candles will glow for evenings on end, meaning one less thing to worry about on a special evening. There's also no pungent smell. Flame-lit candles can attack the senses as the wick is burning away while the wax is melting. This can spoil the atmosphere of an event or date, but these nifty candles do not provide such a problem. Tidying is also a quick and easy. When the evening is over and it's time to pack up, you can switch flamers candles off and pack them away in a suitable location. Put simply, there's no mess from hot wax and no trouble. Once you've been using these for a while, you're sure to start wondering why you ever entertained the idea of old fashioned flame-lit candles.