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About Flapper Dresses

The Roaring Twenties, a time of great social upheaval, can be viewed as a reaction to the horrors of the Great War. A dark period of history had passed and people were looking to the future with a new optimism. One of the ways in which the new attitudes showed themselves was in the increased liberation of women. They styled their hair into a bob, wore their skirt hemlines increasingly high, listened to the new musical form called jazz, went on dates without a chaperone, wore makeup and found work outside the home. It was all considered a little bit scandalous, but this new breed of young lady, called flappers, were determined to have a great time. The name was supposedly derived from the flapping of young birds learning to fly, and these young ladies were looking to soar through life. The dress sense adopted by flappers became very distinctive and unmistakably stylish. Eyebrows were raised at the daring of it all but the look caught on and defined what we think of as the Twenties forever. Inspired by French fashions, and in particular the designs of Coco Chanel, flapper dresses were straight and loose, with the waistline at the hips, a dipping or scalloped hemline and the arms left bare. The new clothing was light and unrestricted, reflecting the emancipation of women and their adoption of new roles in society. Reproduction vintage flapper dresses are available which effortlessly recreate the style of the era of The Great Gatsby and are the perfect conversation piece party item, with bags of elegance and chic cool. A retro style that is timeless in its fascination.