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About Flat Roof Window

When you want to add the perfect complementary feature to your roof, a flat roof window offers the perfect option. Fitting a window in your roof will ensure you get lots of natural light flooding in, which is perfect if you want to enjoy natural sunlight in your room every day. These double or triple glazed windows are usually supplied in one single piece and are easy to fit and maintain. A flat roof window or roof skylight could also help you to save money on electricity simply because you have an efficient natural light source installed. Choosing the right window is important and will depend on the type of building it is being fitted in and your requirements. For example, if you need the window to open, there are a range of manual and electronic skylight options available that will not only let in light but fresh air when you need it too. If you want to save yourself the task of cleaning your new flat roof window, you might want to consider a window that is fitted with self cleaning glass. This relatively new invention involves a special coating on the glass, designed to prevent dirt and other contaminants from sticking to the surface and ruining your view. The result is a clear and clean window all year round reducing the need for manual cleaning.