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About Floor Cushions

Dozing, relaxing, and watching telly are all great ways to make use of a floor cushion. Lounging about on the floor can be good fun, especially when you have a soft surface to lie down on. These cushions serve as informal furniture, and they work well in living room areas and children's rooms. A quality floor cushion should be bigger than an average pillow. Cushions should be at least a metre in length, and can be longer. Many floor cushions are overstuffed, providing plenty of support for lounging. You can find them filled with cotton polyester stuffing, or filled with Styrofoam pellets. The Styrofoam pellets make it easier to mould the cushion into a comfortable support for sitting or sleeping. It is usually better to purchase a new floor cushion from eBay, as they provide plenty of support. Grab your book and snack, and relax in your new floor cushion today.