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About Flossys

Flossys shoes come in a range of styles and types including plimsolls, pumps, and desert boots. They are perhaps best known for the light-weight plimsolls which have a thin sole and are available in many different vibrant or natural colours. Soft canvas shoes, with elastic sides for fit and comfort, they are a good everyday option for spring and summer. From red or navy polka dot, to floral design, to bright pink, bright yellow with a pink sole, and plain white, Flossys slip on shoes offer variety.

Whilst Flossys is a brand name in its own right, it is also possible to get Flossy style shoes that are manufactured by other companies. It is the slip on nature of these shoes that makes them easy to wear and they come in unisex sizes for men and women. Authentic Flossy brand shoes have a Flossys label sewn onto the heel of the footwear.

Simple and comfortable, Flossys shoes were established over 25 years ago and were originally sported by sailing and boat enthusiasts within Yachting Clubs around the Mediterranean and by street artists in harbours and small towns. Now, Flossy shoes have taken Europe by storm and have become a must-have holiday essential. Over two million pairs of Flossys were sold in 2012.