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In many houses, fluorescent light fittings are replacing incandescent light bulbs for most purposes. Fluorescent lights are energy-efficient, helping you to reduce your energy bills. It's environmentally responsible as well as economically good sense to use them.

In addition to the old-fashioned long tubes, you can find fluorescent lights that plug into a standard lamp just like incandescent bulbs, as well as multiple varieties that give various amounts of light for almost any purpose you could want.

About Fluorescent Lights

Fluorescent lights, also known as fluorescent striplights or tube lights, are used as an alternative to normal light bulbs. They are often much brighter and therefore used in larger spaces such as classrooms, offices or warehouses. They generally last a lot longer than normal light bulbs. Unlike many normal light bulbs, most fluorescent lights are non-dimmable.

Fluorescent lights come in two components, the light fitting and the T8 fluorescent tube. The fittings and the tubes can be sold both separately and together, dependent on user?s requirements. They are generally bought together upon first fitting to a home or building, later followed by individual purchases of fluorescent tubes once the original tubes have died. Covers are sometimes placed upon the fitting the dim the brightness of the tube as well as to protect it. These covers can be made from plastic or acrylic, and are only compatible with certain light fittings. They can come accompanied or may have to be purchased separately.

Fluorescent lights come in a range of different sizes, all designed to suit the needs of the room they are being fitted in. The lights come in 2ft, 4ft, 5ft, and 6ft varieties. The different sized tubes come in different wattages. The 2ft tubes provide 18w, the 4ft tubes provide 36w, the 5ft tubes provide 58w and the 6ft tubes provide the most energy at 70w. The higher wattage is simply used to generate the larger bulb, and still provides the same level of brightness.

Care must be taken when purchasing the fluorescent tubes alone to ensure that they are the same size as the existing fitting in order for them to work. The lights also come in single and double fittings, whereby two tubes are fixed parallel to one another in order to provide a superior amount of light coverage. Double fittings are generally used in larger spaces. Double fittings come in the same length range as single fittings of 2ft, 4ft, 5ft and 6ft.

Generally the light bulbs flicker upon start up make a low humming noise once on. However, many fluorescent lights are designed to be flicker free and incorporate a different control gear to make as little noise as possible once turned on. Individual lights must be checked before purchased to see whether they flicker upon start up and generate noise when on.

The most common colour used for fluorescent lights is white, as it is most neutral and natural colour needed when needing to light up a room. Though rarer, coloured fluorescent lights also exist, and can be used for a variety of different purposes.

Most commonly, blue fluorescent lights are used for purposes such as aquarium lighting. Other colours such yellow, red, pink and green can also be found but aren?t used for any specific purpose. The lights can also be purchased in bulk, as many establishments may use the lights for an entire building.