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About Fog Machines

A fog machine takes an ordinary party into something exciting and memorable. These machines are not just for spooky scenes or Halloween parties. They are a lot of fun for kids' birthday parties and adult birthdays, too. Games can be played in the fog to keep children interested and occupied. A fun game to try is a hidden treasure or hidden object game. When using the machine, ensure that there is proper ventilation so that the room can clear evenly and no one is subjected to breathing difficulties.

The density of the fog emitted from the machine is easily controlled with a remote. The remote can also start and stop the machine to refill an area once the fog lifts. On eBay, you can find several smoke machines with varying capacities for use in commercial and residential settings. Enhance your event with one or more fog machines, creating tension, drama, and engaging atmospherics to keep your audience or guests enthralled.