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A folding bed makes a great guest bed or travel bed during camping trips. You can tuck it away, store it out of sight, and pull it out again to make a full-sized bed for guests, when needed.

Smaller folding beds can serve as camping beds or cots for the kids when travelling. Small enough to store in the boot of the car, they unfold into handy and comfortable beds for the night on the road or in camp.

About Folding Beds

Every household needs at least one folding bed to accommodate overnight guests or provide temporary sleeping quarters. These beds fold out from an existing piece of furniture such as a futon or sleeper sofa, or are a separate unit that tucks away neatly into a closet. Most folding beds have a metal frame although wood is sometimes part of the slat system which holds the mattress. Some beds have rollers attached to a section of the frame making transfers easier from room to room. On average, most folding beds require a standard size single mattress that keeps the unit as lightweight as possible and may include either a traditional spring mattress or an air-filled one. Some frames have an inbuilt headboard which folds up to keep the pillow from falling off. One style is actually a foam chair that folds out and is ready for use on the spot. With so many versatile choices, you are sure to find the perfect folding bed while shopping on eBay.