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About Folding Trollies

A folding trolley is essentially a basket on wheels with a long handle. It is an ideal item to have when an auto is not available and supplies from the shop are needed. Some trollies have the ability to stack a second basket on top. This is ideal when trips to the supermarket require multiple items or both meats and fresh vegetables. Wheeling items home is far easier and produces less strain on the body than carrying items in your arms.

Salespersons find trolleys useful, as trekking sales materials and promotional items by hand is often too much. It is far easier to stack items in the trolley and wheel it inside. You can find a trolley on eBay in your favourite colour and in a size that will be the most beneficial to your specific needs. Use a folding trolley outdoors, in the garden to carry vegetables and fresh fruit to the home for preparation, or to transport food or tools and repair items.