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About Fondant Icing

Fondant icing is the most common finishing for a birthday or wedding cake. It is dusted with corn starch and rolled out to be thin enough to cover the cake and thick enough so that it will not rip. Smoothing the fondant with your hands is the ideal way to ensure that there are no creases. Fondant generally has little flavour, but flavour oils can be added to make it taste like more than sugar. Decorations can be made from fondant in any shape or object with a bit of creativity and patience.

To make a custom colour, simply mix a few pieces of varying colours and knead them together. Mixing white with primary colours provides you with a pastel shade. You can find pre-mixed fondant on eBay in colours ranging from white to black and even pastels. Get creative and use multiple fondant icing colours to make a custom cake for friends, family, or a special occasion.