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Footstools, foot rests, and ottomans are, as the name implies, cushioned rests for your feet while you are seated. Usually, a footstool is part of a two-piece furniture set with a chair such as an armchair.

Footstools are usually padded in some way to provide comfort. Typically, cushion foam lies under leather or faux-leather upholstery, sometimes under fabric instead. Some ottoman-style footstools serve as storage chests, with a compartment under the cushioned lid where the feet rest.

About Footstools

The footstool is an incredibly versatile little piece of furniture. It has been around for just about as long as the sofa or chair and, before the advent of recliners, it was the best way to sit back in the seat and raise your legs to achieve a comfortable lounging position. Many models of footstool have castors and can be wheeled around the room or between rooms with ease. Certain models of footstool also double as storage units, the top flipping up to reveal an internal compartment, ideal for magazines and the like. The range of footstools available is almost as wide as the variety of sofas and chairs that can be bought. A large footstool can be big enough to share and offers a capacious storage area. A small footstool, meanwhile, is the perfect way to get your feet up and relax after a long, hard day. For those looking for a little more luxury, a vintage footstool or leather footstool can bring a little class into any room. There are also many sumptuous upholstered finishes to choose from. Many of the large furniture brands offer a good selection of footstools and an IKEA footstool or Ercol footstool can make for an excellent used furniture buy. You can also find reconditioned footstools or budget brands like a DFS footstool. As a piece of occasional furniture, the footstool is a flexible and comfortable addition to any living room. They are easily moved around as needed and provide a discreet area for storage in the lounge.