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About Frameless Mirror

If your home decorating tastes run towards Art Deco style, nothing quite matches the impact of a vintage frameless mirror. Much like punk rock followed art rock in the 1980s, Art Deco emerged in the 1930s as a reaction to Art Nouveau. Deco-style interior design features hard materials such as metal and glass; clean geometric lines and shapes; a minimum of ornamentation; and cool, glossy colors such as cobalt blue, black, white, silver, and gold.

Vintage deco mirrors feature beveled glass panels; strong, geometric designs; and possible black or blue glass accents. Deco mirror designs may include no frame at all, conceptual frames of glass strips or accents, or streamlined metallic frames.

Art Deco décor makes an immediate statement. To get a sense of Art Deco interior décor at its zenith, all you have to do is take a virtual tour of New York City?s Empire State Building. eBay is your one-stop source for an enormous variety of genuine vintage Art Deco frameless mirrors at remarkably affordable cost.