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A Freeview recorder is the best way to take advantage of a world of free television. There is no reason to pay for television, when anyone who has a Freeview recorder can take advantage of countless free programmes.

The big advantage of recording television is that it puts control of watching the telly back in your hands. It lets you watch your favourite programmes on your schedule, not the broadcaster's. Control more than the remote with a Freeview recorder.

About Freeview Recorder

There's plenty of choice on the television these days and a Freeview Recorder offers one of the best ways to sift though it and enjoy the best on offer. Most people have access to dozens of channels already. The question, though, is how to get the best value out of your TV. It's possible to pay a small fortune if you decide you want access to every channel available. Not everyone wants a satellite dish stuck to the side of their house, or the ongoing monthly cost that goes with it. The answer comes in the form of a Freeview Recorder. Once bought, it allows you to share the same big advantage enjoyed by many satellite viewers, namely being able to pause, and record if you want, live television. Unlike using an old-style video recorder, there are no tapes to buy or store and you can set the television to record a one-off programme or record the whole series. Operating the system is straightforward. The ability to digitally select the programmes you wish to record means you literally never have to miss anything. Specifications do vary but, basically, programmes are held digitally for you to watch later and you can delete them at the push of a button if you wish. The signal comes through a normal TV aerial and there's no ongoing extra cost once you have bought the recorder. That means you know what you're getting and you won't suddenly find a year down the line that you need to pay out again.