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There is something about a modern, stylish shirt boldly displaying the acronym FCUK that draws rebels and fashionistas alike to the French Connection brand. A UK-based label, hence the acronym, this youth-oriented line offers everything from the controversial t-shirts to dresses, fragrance, shoes and more.

Buying French Connection clothing is about style, forward-looking design and affordable prices. Slipping into a pretty dress or dabbing on some sultry perfume is not just saying FCUK fashion, it's a lifestyle statement.

About French Connection

French Connection is a stylish and chic high street clothing brand - you may also know them as FCUK. The UK-based global retailer is renowned for its up-to-date, quality fashion clothing and accessories that are designed to last. The brand distributes its fashion via its stores throughout the UK, US and Canada, along with franchise and wholesale outlets, and considerably raised its profile in the early 2000s with its successful (if controversial) 'FCUK' advertising campaign. Suddenly there were t-shirts everywhere displaying messages including 'fcuk fashion', 'fcuk safely', 'hot as fcuk' and more - and it certainly got them attention. Eventually the novelty of 'FCUK' wore off, and the brand stopped using it back in 2005 (after a few lawsuits from companies using copycat tactics) - although many still associate it with French Connection. Distributing clothing and accessories since the early 1970s (and founded by Stephen Marks in 1972), French Connection has provided bold and stylish choices for men and women including suits, dresses, shirts, tops, skirts, shoes and accessories for just about any occasion. The company prides itself on unique design, and offer distinct choices for people who want to stand out from the crowd, while at the same time utilising some of the very latest in top fashion trends. All for trying out innovative and new fashion ideas, French Connection still ensures affordability - and wearability - in all its fashion products. French Connection also produces men's and women's toiletries and perfumes, which have proven popular over more recent years.