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You value looking your best, so stop trying to verify that you have not forgotten an important item of clothing in a bathroom vanity mirror before you step out. A full-length mirror gives you the ease of appraising your whole outfit with a glance.

Browse for the mirror that matches your decor, whether on the back of a bedroom or wardrobe door. Remove the stress of letting doubts about your outfit linger with a full-length mirror.

About Full Length Mirrors

A full length mirror offers its owner the opportunity to view their own reflection, whilst wearing a full length outfit, so it is an exceptionally useful tool to use when trying on clothing. Full length mirrors are commonly used in private spaces such as bedrooms, bathrooms or dressing areas, but they can also be displayed in other communal rooms. Decorative uses As a decorative accessory, a full length mirror can be used for the purposes of interior design. The large size of the mirror, when placed strategically in a room can reflect light and make a small, dark room appear brighter and more spacious. The frame of a full length mirror can also be coordinated with other furniture within a room for a pleasing decorative effect. Styles Full length mirrors may be attached to a wall, or if the mirror is free standing, like a cheval mirror, it may include its own stand, which often allows the owner to swivel the frame by hand. Whether wall mounted or free standing, full length mirrors are typically mounted vertically to provide an optimum view of the human figure. Mirror frames are available in a huge variety of traditional and contemporary styles, with many different colours and finishes. They can be produced from wood, metal or plastic and may be painted or varnished to provide an attractive finish. In some cases, a free standing mirror may also feature an integrated drawer in the base of the stand, which can provide additional storage for the owner.