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About Futon Sofa Beds

A futon sofa bed is a space-saving item of furniture which can be very useful in homes where people want to be able to have guests to stay overnight from time to time, but do not have sufficient room for an extra bed. Futons and sofa beds are two different items of furniture, but they both have the same space saving quality. The futon sofa bed is a hybrid of the two and, for example, may feature a traditional padded futon mattress together with a wooden or metal frame which can be folded or unfolded to take the shape of a sofa or a bed. However, different people can have a wide variety of ideas about what is or isn?t a futon sofa bed, so it is always important to use pictures and product descriptions as a guide. Many people feel that the key advantage of the futon sofa bed over other kinds of sofa bed is that it is more comfortable to sleep on. Some people also prefer a futon sofa bed because they feel it is simply a more attractive and contemporary looking piece of furniture and more in keeping with the style of their home. Today, both single and double futon sofa beds can be bought and there are many different designs and colours of beds to choose from, both new and pre-owned. Whether buyers are looking for a sofa bed with simple and traditional white futon mattress and plain wooden frame or one with a brightly coloured or even patterned cover, they have an excellent chance of finding something to suit their tastes.