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Get a fabulous look for your nails with Gelish. Designed for the modern busy woman, it has a short application time and long-lasting results. Enjoy beautiful nails with no chipping or broken edges for up to three weeks.

This polish comes in numerous amazing colours with fun names like Carnaval Hangover and Pink Smoothie. Stray from the traditional with wild colours like Plum and Done or Shake Your Money Maker, a glittery green. Gelish ensures your hands look polished quickly.

About Gelish

Hand & Nail Harmony is an American company established by Danny Haile in 2009 that specialises in the manufacture of high quality nail enhancement products for the salon industry. Danny Haile worked his way up from a small but successful start-up company, to becoming the founder of the first patented brush-in-bottle-gel-polish, Gelish. With more than a hundred colours available, and sold in more than eighty countries across the world, Hand & Nail Harmony has fast become the leader in innovative beauty product design. To suit each season, the Gelish range hosts a number of collections for all occasions. Winter Reds includes eight different shades to match the perfect outfit; The Snow Escape covers all things glittery; Under Her Spell shares the brightness of Summer with startling pinks, greens and purples; and Love In Bloom brings the warmth of Spring with gentle pastel colours. For nail technicians, the Gelish stock includes; Soak-Off Gel Polish that dries fast, lasts for up to three weeks and soaks off in just fifteen minutes; Complete Starter Kits; and professional LED lamps, nail files, and buffers. Individual bottles of polish in an array of colours, base coats, top coats and conveniently sized LED lamps are also available from a number of retailers. Dedicated to providing unparalleled quality, and sharing their vast knowledge of the industry, Hand & Nail Harmony continues to lead others as they strive to make the salon industry the best it can be.