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About Giant Bean Bag

The bean bag, as a piece of furniture, was first designed as recently as 1969. Originally called "il sacco" by Italian company Zanotta, it was developed after some designers spotted staff sitting on Styrofoam-filled bags when enjoying their coffee break. Nowadays, giant bean bags are welcome pieces of fun and useful furniture in many homes (and some workplaces). Children have a natural inclination towards them, many adults also find them relaxing as well as convenient ? being easily moved and quickly stored away. As well as being terrific places to relax, many giant bean bags offer a range of bright colours that add lightness and vibrancy to any room. Apart from single colours, they can feature other designs such as national flags. Kids would no doubt love to jump and play around in an army camouflage variation! They are terrific for pulling up in front of the TV to watch a favourite programme or for kids to play on with their friends. You might even press them into service as makeshift beds if some youngsters are enjoying a sleepover. Giant bean bags are not solely for indoor use either. You will be able to find waterproof outdoor variations which would add much fun, or lazy enjoyment, for summer days in the garden or by the pool. You?ll find a range of cover finishes from PVC to faux or even real leather, and it?s also possible to locate giant sized giant bean bags large enough to form a portable sofa! You may even find some already in the shape of a relaxing chair or sofabed. Some add a few bean cushions for increased comfiness. These terrific products offer great relaxation possibilities, as well as emergency seating when unexpected guests arrive.