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Impermeable, recyclable and easy to sterilise, glass jars are excellent choices for storing any food item. Though lids vary, most are airtight. Some types, including sweet jars, feature an embellished surface and work well as decorative pieces. Mason jars, with their disc-shaped lids, are ideal for canning and making preserves.

Glass jars have existed for centuries, with automated production beginning in the early 20th century. Therefore, vintage jars make interesting collector's items, especially those in amber or green shades.

About Glass Jars

Glass jars are a traditional storage solution for both edible and inedible items, and they are available for practical and display purposes. Upright glass jars can be found in a wide variety of different sizes, while jars that lean to one side with a flat base allow easy access to the contents inside - without requiring the whole jar to be removed from a shelf or cupboard. From a décor point of view, retro and other styles of design can be found when practical storage is not the only important factor. Keeping goods in an airtight environment is a popular reason for using a glass jar, but there are various mechanisms that provide this seal against the jar's surroundings. Screw-top lids provide extra protection for the contents if the jar is pushed over, while clip-top lids provide the same kind of benefits while also allowing fast access to the inside. Cork and other similar materials are often used for lids that just 'pop' into place, although these are more susceptible to falling open accidentally. To provide a touch of flair to a kitchen, shabby chic and retro design styles of glass jars can be found that match other elements within the same room. Old-fashioned kitchens can benefit from traditional glass storage jars, and labelled products are available, such as the traditional 'Tea/Coffee/Sugar' arrangement. Iconic brand labels are also a popular choice for glass jar manufacturers, and they use graphics and font elements that are now impossible to find on regular supermarket shelves.