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About Glove Liners

Glove liners give your hands an extra layer of warmth on the ski slopes. They are thin and flexible, and fit easily inside a thicker pair of ordinary gloves to provide insulation. Wearing thermal glove liners means you can take off your outer gloves to adjust your skis and still have protection from the wind chill. Some products come with additional padding that cushions the hands to helps to prevent bruising on impact. They are also useful under a pair of motorbike gloves, where they absorb perspiration. Look for products made from a wicking fabric because they draw more moisture away from the skin, which results in a cooler accessory if you wear them for running or other sport. You can find 100 percent cotton liners that are handy if you need to inspect manuscripts or any objects that need to be protected from moisture and soiled fingers. Thermal, silk, and latex versions are also available, and you can find them all on eBay.