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About GoPro Mount

You never know what might happen so mounting a GoPro action camera securely on your head, helmet, chest, wrist, handlebars, seatpost, surfboard, snowboard, ski pole, or anywhere else you can ensures you capture your unique footage of thrills, spills and plain good fun to enjoy in the years to come. Hands free operation is easy with the GoPro camera mounts for the Hero 1, 2 and 3 range of video cameras, leaving you to concentrate on having the time of your life. Harness chest mounted GoPro camera footage allows you to focus your recording on what is directly in front of you, whilst head and helmet-mounted cameras can capture views on every turn of your head from front or behind, and are very popular with cyclists negotiating the busy streets as well as for careering downhill and taking jumps on your mountain bike. Vented and unvented helmet mounts are available, and there is also a military helmet mount, the NVG, to attach your GoPro camera onto a night vision goggle plate. Handlebar mounts offer easier hand operation of your GoPro, allowing you to quickly turn your camera on/off, or select the appropriate operating mode. Seat mounts enable you to attach your GoPro to your saddle rails for rear view recording, as can be seen on Tour de France footage. Motocross and mountain biking enthusiasts often prefer handlebar mounting as it offers the most secure camera attachment. Wrist-mounts are popular with surfers and skiers, and ski pole and tripod mounts are also available. For awkward attachments, the flexible gorilla grips can secure your GoPro to most things! Your GoPro camera can be mounted on the dashboard of a car, boat or light aircraft as well, to record everything from a daily commute to powerboating and aerial acrobatics. The choice is yours!