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About H20 Steam Mops

Homes and office spaces have a variety of different interior surfaces, all of which need routine cleaning. The H2O Steam Mop is ideal for owners who desire one convenient unit to assist with all their cleaning chores. The H2O Steam Mop boasts flexibility and variety, as well as a slim profile that enables compact storage. A broad, triangular head allows for greater floor coverage as owners clean. Since it is so slim, users find it easy to carry from room to room as they move through the home or office. They can also use the 7-metre cord to reach down long halls or clean large rooms. The H2O Steam Mop includes a special attachment for cleaning glass safely and efficiently, as well as a lengthy hose extension for those hard-to-reach windows. Users can even implement the H2O Steam Mop as a handheld steamer and clean upholstery or smooth the wrinkles from drapes or clothing. The H2O Steam Mop is easy to find on eBay, and with the variable levels of steam and the pivoting mop head, it is well worth a test drive for those who need a comprehensive cleaning system.