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About Halogen Heaters

A halogen heater is one of those items that you don?t realise you need until it?s too late. When the pipes freeze in winter, or heavy rain or snow mean you can?t fill up your oil tank, or even if you just forget to top up the gas card just before the temperature drops ? you need to have a backup plan. Halogen heaters warm up quickly and simply plug into any socket. Most models are now energy efficient, meaning they use up as little electricity as possible. If you?re worried about escalating costs, choose a model which has a built-in timer, so you can program the heater to switch off for 10-20 minutes every hour. Oscillating halogen heaters give you the option to either keep the heater pointed in one direction, or swivelling around a wider area. For larger rooms such as classrooms, these are a quick and easy way to spread heat. Small or portable halogen heaters will keep cold feet warm under desks in drafty areas, and are a staple of any employer?s supply cupboard. Halogen heaters generally run at 800W, 1200W or 1600W. Higher-watt models generally offer the option of setting your heater at low, medium or high, allowing you to control the intensity of the heat, and the amount of energy used. Halogen bulbs are long-lasting, but will need to be replaced around once every year or two, depending on how often you are using your heater. Keep a few spares at hand in case of an emergency.